7 ways to start your path to financial freedom and security

Financial freedom

7 ways to start your path to financial freedom and security

If you do not control your emotions, you will not be in control of your own money. Warren Buffett

The conclusion which sailed from this study was as follows:

Spending money, first make a decision based on our emotions, and then justify it rationally.

He thought so the biggest in the history of the world stock market investor Warren Buffett, argue that empirical research and consumer behavior in the market, that is all of us - workers, entrepreneurs, investors, pensioners and the unemployed.

People who have large estates, their own businesses and assets that bring them very large revenues, know this for a long time, but until recently no one was praised - because they, and why should they free to share the knowledge, the acquisition of the most cost very high price. In addition, when a person gets something for free, it will never appreciate. If you have already passed this knowledge, most often from generation to generation in families with generational tradition of the business.

Knowledge of how to run your own business, invest or manage their own money because we do not find either in school or in high school, and even more so in high school or college. Of course, we have in the school subject of entrepreneurship, we have schools of economics, which in theory would provide such information, but ultimately inject unnecessary knowledge that at the end of the day very rarely determines the success of entrepreneurs.

They learn:

  • we have kinds of taxes,
  • where (in which the office) must submit a form which,
  • also they teach economic theories that have nothing to do with reality.
  • Using the universal education:
  • We will not know how to manage your money to our property is still rising.
  • We will not know how to create a product or a company that will refer global success.
  • We will not know what is passive income and how to create it.
  • This is information which is held only by those who in investments or in their business successful.
  • Fortunately, today we live in the Information Age, and many successful people share their experiences by writing books, conducting seminars and training their own.

    Unfortunately, the bad news is that, apart from the general education, less than 20% of us are looking for knowledge on their own.

    Nearly 60% of all had read last year, less than half the book, did not participate in any seminar or training, which extend beyond the official mainstream education, in which you will not find an ounce of information about how to become a wealthy man, free and safe financially.

    Financial education teaches m.in .:

      how to manage and invest their own money,
      how to run your own business, not to fall in the first year
      or how to earn on the crisis,
      These are skills that the XXIw. They are as important as reading and writing skills in the previous century.

    The mission of financial education to the elimination of ignorance of the alphabet, but the financial statements.

    Learning here is based primarily on the action and work with their own emotions. The more we have developed emotional intelligence, the more we develop financial intelligence, which decides whether:

  • how we deal with the financial successes and failures
  • and that every month we have enough money, whether we are missing.
  • But if financial education is not present in schools and universities, and few of us have the comfort of a relationship with someone from whom we can learn it, then how do we take this knowledge?
  • I present 7 ways on how to start your way to financial freedom and security:

    Know yourself - make sure that your beliefs about money help you or hinder?

    Do you think that money is the root of evil?

    What do you think about people who have more money than you?

    Do you believe that money does not bring happiness, and being poor is a virtue?

    If the answers to these questions demonstrate your positive beliefs, it's very good! If it is not, you need to start working on them, which lets you change those beliefs and avoid self-sabotage by your subconscious.

    Turn off the TV and start reading - the famous American coach and mentor, Jim Rohn confidently saying for many years:

  • Poor people have big TVs, rich - large library.
  • Studies conducted on the lifestyle of people achieving financial success, confirm this. Almost each test reading section for at least half an hour, mostly in the morning.

    Find a mentor - an old saying have in them the lot of truth, also in relation to money.

    Who you stop, so you become

    Well it shows. If you want to be rich, find a way to make friends with people who have won this wealth. Look for the person from whom you could learn. Make friends with people who are looking for answers to the same questions.

    Mentor may be:

  • known author,
  • coach
  • or a business angel,
  • it can be a friend you entrepreneur
  • or investor.
  • Such people can be found, for example, in the clubs development of financial intelligence, which in Poland more and more.

    Grow - start to take part in seminars, conferences, trade fairs and training that will help you gain knowledge of the area and needed to know many wonderful people. Only 5% of the whole of society takes part in such events at least once a quarter and ... more than 87% of all those known as millionaires.

    Obligations at least 30 days, which means that their liquidity is based on postkonsumpcjonizm - first purchase and then repay, but not always sufficient to repay these obligations. Get knowledge about managing your money, and Dedicate at least 30 minutes a week to plan your current finances.

    Create your financial plan - to achieve the desired level of wealth, you need to know how much money you want to win and at what time. Otherwise, you can become a victim of the old Chinese saying:

    If you do not know where you are going, you will surely get there.

    Create a plan that will be realized, and which:

  • It will allow you to cover current expenses,
  • will save enough money:
  • on holidays,
  • a new car,
  • studies your child
  • or retire.
  • You can also enlist the help of a professional, independent financial advisors.
  • Start to invest - no matter what you do every day, take action that will allow you to begin to multiply your capital. The deposit is not only safe form of investment. If you are afraid to invest because they do not have the knowledge - to get one and see what you feel is best:

  • real estate,
  • Investment funds,
  • business
  • or securities?
  • Knowledge helps to reduce and control the risk of the investment - and thus what we all fear most.

    You should know that we will not become financially free from day to day, but thanks to systematic work on our property, committed errors equivalent reference investment and business failures.

    Those who earn a fortune in a short time (eg. The lotto) in 67% percent of the cases, after a few years are in a worse financial situation than the one in which they were before winning. But the point is, to live a long, richly and happily, is not it?