What to invest money - practical examples


What to invest money - practical examples

You put your company, you work hard, and finally success - in business there are financial surpluses. It's a good sign, especially if the resulting capital try to multiply even more. Surplus surging to a bank account gives true sense of security, but - not paying off. It is therefore important to find ways on how to effectively invest money in the company.

How to invest money in the bank?

The main tool to invest corporate money is a savings account. Its advantage is a simple procedure assumptions, and sometimes can even online. Transfers are done by the owner of the account, but of course you can do the job permanently, so that savings will be systematically multiplied. A savings account will give you options to download the capital when the need arises. Its downside, however, is relatively low interest rates.

Higher interest rates on hold for bank deposits. They can choose when you want to invest money in the long run and they are not necessarily needed. Depending on the type of investments are long and short term, the longer the investment, including - most often - a higher profit. An interesting option is called. insurance tracking, also known as polisolokaty. It is a specific insurance policy, concluded with an insurance company for life or endowment. After the end of the policy measures are paid together with a premium to the bank account of the insured.

Invest money professionally - investment funds

Investment funds are a good option for those who want to invest money like the pros, but do not have the necessary education and experience. Specialists funds collect capital from investors and then invest it further. Profits are shared between the owner of capital and the guardian of fund.

The downside of funds is the fact that their job is primarily to invest money, not profit or security. Therefore, even when the market will decline, investors will continue to invest funds, which may involve a loss for capital providers.

The investment of money in bonds

Bonds are securities that are issued by certain entities. Are debt - to the issuer undertake to redemption at a specific time and under specific conditions. Emissaries may be municipalities, municipal associations, the capital city of Warsaw, banks and entities with legal personality and self-employed.

What to invest money? Only yourself!

Investment in yourself is not a classic investment instrument. This is about allocating increases self-development entrepreneur - courses, languages, physical and intellectual. Hard is an investment, as capital is frozen completely, and it is impossible to predict and determine the profits. On the other hand - everywhere we hear that this knowledge is the greatest value of human. Thus, the more the gain, the more we can transfer your own business and its further development.